Our Products are Rigourosly Tested and Approved by Our Test Labs

Every product was vetted by our cyber security team before it's offered in our store so you can rest assured that your family is using products that actually work.

  • Freedom!

    No Subscription, no contract for my high energy Puggle's GPS tracker. I plugged in the sim card I got from my cell company, and we were good to go!

    David H. 
  • Love this Store!

    Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can’t recommend them enough

    Sarah W. 
  • Peace of Mind!

    I always check things out before I give them to my kids. I like that this company actually checks it out for me before it goes in their store.

    Jaeda R. 
  • Life Saver!

    The emergency card had my medical condition when I had an accident. EMS was able to get a hold of my wife immediately.

    Edward E. 
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Wallets with Style & Safety!

All of our wallets are RFID Blocking, but only you and the hackers would know that!

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Medical & Emergency

Prepare for Any Emergency with Your Personalized Cards & Bracelets!

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GPS Trackers

Always Know Where Your Kids, Elderly, and Pets Are and Act Fast!

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Fire & Water Resistant Pouches

Protect Important Documents from Fire & Flooding!

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We are Starting a Movement

We are dedicated to the protection of families and honoring the ones who protect our families!

  • Family

    Family Focus

    We all belong to a family, whether now, in the past, or in the future. Our security offering is designed with your security needs in mind. We're the only company that offers protection products for all family members, kids, parents, seniors, and pets.

  • Safety Awareness

    Safety Awareness

    Every day we read about another data breach where our personal information was compromised. We use our experience as cyber security professionals to raise awareness so that it's more difficult for bad actors to succeed.

  • Security by Design

    Security by Design

    We are driven by your right to security and privacy. We champion a security-by-design approach, not security as an afterthought. We're continuously testing products to make sure they meet that core principle.

  • Logo

    Community Support

    As a veteran-owned company, we know the sacrifices our troops make every day. That's why we support veterans & their spouses. We also support anti-child trafficking agencies with all our expertise and resources.