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camera detector device
camera detector device
Best hidden camera detector


Hotel Room Hidden Camera Detection Pendant w/ Motion Sensor

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For Hotel rooms, Airbnb and any public places where others might put hidden cameras or surveillance transmitters. Stay one step ahead of potential privacy breaches with this indispensable infrared scanner, designed to detect hidden cameras and deter unauthorized access to your belongings with its motion-sensing alarm - A MUST-HAVE for all discerning travelers.

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High Quality Camera Detection Pendant: This light pendant is an essential piece for travels worldwide! Good for hotel rooms, public bathrooms and any places you need to detect spying equipment or if you fear intruders at hotel rooms or attepted theft of your belongings.

Tested and Certified: High Quality Camera Detection Pendant by IronClad Family Protections Labs

Perfect Device to Find Hidden Camera: Do you have concerns about the privacy of your hotel room? This Camera hidden devices detector is used to detect hidden cameras or to deter from accessing your belongings. You may set the device in scan mode or in alarm mode on doorknobs or on travel suitcase to sense any sudden movements.

Infrared Hidden Camera Detector: Equipped with infrared scanning detection technology that can quickly locate any spy cameras. There is a hidden camera when the view finder shows a red spot.

Long Batter Life: It has battery of 300mAH and take 44 HRS

Hidden Device Signal Detector: Our professional radio frequency hidden camera detectors and bug detector can help detect listening devices for spying, jammers, bug devices by capturing any 2G/3G/4G/5G sim card signal and 1MHz-6.5Ghz wireless signals in an area of 15sqm, alerting you about the exact location of the hidden device through a loud noise.

Anti-theft Mode: Turn that mode on and hide this device inside luggage or handbag. If moved, it generated a loud noise to create attention. An essential piece for travels worldwide! Good for hotel rooms or public bathrooms.The product is small and portable, easy to operate and carry. With it, help protect your privacy and safety.

After-sale Service: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team will assist you within 24 hours and we offer you a money back or free replacement.

How it works?

The High Quality Camera Detection Pendant with Motion Sensing Alarm works by using camera detection technology to scan the area for hidden cameras, providing an alert if any are detected. The motion sensing alarm feature detects any movement in the vicinity, providing an audible alert to notify the user.



Size & Dimensions

3.38" x 1.5" x .65"

Easy 30 Days Warranty

We have a 30-days return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

What's in the package?

1xHigh Quality Camera Detection Pendant w/ Motion Sensing Alarm

    camera detector device camera detector device Best hidden camera detector

    Detect Hidden Cameras

    Pulsating infrared light emitters expose hidden camera lenses.

    RF & Bug Detector

    An alarm will trigger if a nearby bug, GPS tracker or any transmitting device is detected.

    Motion Sensor

    Place on your hotel doorknob or luggage. Once activated will trigger loud noise if motion is detected.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Janette E
    Husband is a pilot…stays in different hotel rooms every night

    After I told my husband about this camera detector he asked me to purchase it for him. He is an international pilot and is in different hotel rooms all the time, so after a quick scan of the room this gives him peace of mind. Would be great for flight attendants too or anyone who travels. We also rent many VRBO’s & Airbnb’s so we will definitely be bringing this along for future stays. The product came very quickly & I was very impressed with the packaging.

    Mike H.
    Nice Small/Compact Camera/Bug Detector for Traveling

    The Ironclad Family Bug and Camera detector comes with a usb-c charging cable, lanyard, and user instructions. This is very small lightweight and compact device easy to take along with our travels. The detector was able to detect my surveillance cameras whether they were powered on or off. The bug detector is supposed to detect wireless signals. I wasn't able to verify the "bug" detection function. The unit also has the option to be used as a motion detector. Rated 4-stars for now, will update as necessary.

    Omar O.
    Great packaging and better products

    I was searching for products to bring with me when I travel when I stumbled upon IronClad family. I got their passport protector/holder and the camera finder.

    The first thing that struck me was how well everything was packaged! After I received the product, I tested the camera finder on some cameras I have at home and it works really well. I’ve been seeing a lot of videos about hidden cameras in hotels/airbnbs lately so this will make me feel at ease when I travel, especially when I travel with my fiancée. I’m going to feel a lot better when I travel having these two with me. Overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

    Debra S.
    I take this everywhere not just during travel

    The description says take it for travel to detect any hidden cameras but what about changing rooms in the mall or even bathrooms. I take this with me everywhere. A quick scan and then I'm good. Love it.