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Fireproof Water-Resistant Document Bag

6 total reviews

Keep your important documents safe from fire and water with our IronClad family-tested pouch, designed to provide cost-effective and reliable protection up to 2000F.

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Improved Organization: Allows for better organization and classification of important documents and valuables. Perfect for storing passports, birth certificates, photos, and other important items.

Tested and Certified: Fire proof water resisitant document bag by IronClad Family Protections Labs.

100% Fireproof & Water-Resistant: IronClad Family fireproof & water-resistant organizers are made of 3 layers high quality fire retardant non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass which stands up the temperature up to 1200℃.

Upgraded Fireproof Zipper: The Sealed zippers are Water Resistant which acts as a sealant for maximum protection of your documents.

Organization Design: Fireproof zipper closure for added security and convenience. Let your files be easily classified and stored.

How it works?

The Fireproof Water-Resistant Document Bag works by utilizing a combination of fire-resistant and water-resistant materials to protect documents from damage. The fire-resistant material acts as a barrier, insulating the contents of the bag from heat and flames. The water-resistant layer prevents moisture from seeping in and causing damage to the documents


Silicone coated fiberglass

Size & Dimensions

15.25" x 11.25"

Easy 30 Days Warranty

We have a 30-days return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

What's in the package?

1xPersonal Alarm Sound Pendant Keychain

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Sari Jade

    It has given me peace of mind knowing that my documents are safe and secure.

    Adalyn Grey

    I love that this bag is so lightweight and easy to carry. It's the perfect size to take with me on-the-go

    Foster Grey

    I highly recommend the FIREPROOF WATER-RESISTANT DOCUMENT BAG for anyone who wants to protect their important documents from fire, water or any other type of damage. It's a great investment for the safety and security of your documents

    Atlas Wilder

    I love the compact design of this bag, it's so easy to store and carry around. The sleek black exterior and red interior lining add a touch of sophistication to my office space

    Selah Eve

    I recently purchased the FIREPROOF WATER-RESISTANT DOCUMENT BAG and I am thoroughly impressed with its quality. It has provided me with peace of mind knowing that my important documents are safe and secure in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Memphis Quinn

    The price of this bag is very reasonable, especially considering the level of protection it provides. It's definitely worth the investment.