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Gps Tracker for Elderly w/Fall Detection - 4G LTE - First Month Pre-Activated

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A small GPS tracker pendant designed with your parent's or any senior's security in mind, GPS Tracker for Elderly is compatible with 4G LTE networks, giving you peace of mind knowing they can get help timely and reach you if needed with a push of a button in the event of an emergency.

You can use the sim we've included in the package which comes pre-activated for the 1st month coverage or use your own sim from your cell provider. In either case, your GPS tracker is not tied to a specific provider.

Looking for different coverage during travel vs. being at home? Just switch sim cards. No need to pay extra subscription fees to us. True freedom of choice!

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    • Tracker Pendant: This pendent does not require a subscription with IronClad Family. You still need to pay for a data plan to your sim provider whether you use the one we include or use your own sim.
    • This pendant comes with the first month of data plan already paid & included in the purchase price. Simply install the mobile app and bind it to your device. You can still choose to use your own sim by removing the one inside.
    • The mobile APP used to care of your elderly has no advertisements and direct ID login to view their location 24/7.
    • Positioning Modes: GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi location modes
    • Anti-lost Geo Fence Alarm: For Dementia concerns or just for general passive observation.
    • Fall detection alarm: Sensitivity level settings from 1-10 with 10 being the most sensitive to falls.
    • Large SOS Emergency Button: For emergency phone calls in case of a fall, easy to press once.
    • Family Members: Program Up to 3 Family numbers (or 2 plus 911). Pendant will dial numbers 1, then 2 then 3 if no answer and still rotate back to numbers list while sending push notifications to each cell device on this list that fall was detected.
    • Health reminder: Functions as voice mode or notification on family member phone to remind elderly. Medication reminders via customized & familiar voice messages by family members.
    • Long Battery Life: 1000mAh battery. Long standby time. Up to 48 hrs. without charge (conservative estimate, can be more)
    • Able to charge full 100%, in only 3 hours via 5V-USB magnetic suction charge.
    • The Sound & Call Volume: Can be set to Loud or medium.
    • Small Size: Very suitable for hanging neck wearing, key chain wearing, pocket luggage placement.
    • Answering mode: Button answering, automatic answering
    • Two-Way: Texting with voice recording messages
    • Supports: iOS & Android Mobile Devices
    • Network: 4G/3G/2G
    • Sim card Slot: nano Sim
    • Waterproof: IP6 Industry Standard
    • Free From Advertisement: The APP has no advertisements, no registration, and direct ID login to view the location.
    • Option for a convenient wireless charger
    • Tested and Certified: GPS Tracker Pendant for Seniors by IronClad Family Protections Labs.
    How it works?
    • When a fall is detected, the pendant automatically sends an alert to designated contacts with the wearer's location.
    • The pendant also has features like two-way calling and text messaging, allowing the wearer to stay in touch with their loved ones.
    • The device can be managed through a corresponding app, which allows caregivers to monitor the wearer's location and set up alerts.
    • Medication reminders via customized & familiar voice messages by family members.

    Family Members: Program Up to 3 Family numbers (or 2 plus 911). Pendant will dial numbers 1, then 2 then 3 if no answer and still rotate back to numbers list while sending push notifications to each cell device on this list that fall was detected.


    Plastic, TPU + Plastic

    Size & Dimensions

    2.6" x 1.3" x .54"

    Easy Warranty

    The IronClad Family Pendant has ONE-year limited Warranty so you can rest assure your purchase is protected.

    We also have a 30-days return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

    What's in the package?
    • 1xGPS Tracker Pendant for Seniors w/Fall Detection - 4G LTE
    • Blank sim card to insert & activate for cellular coverage
    • Charging cable
    • Carabiner
    • Sim tool
    • Long neck strap
    • Wrist strap
    • Keyring
    • Wireless charger base
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    Choose your Own SIM Provider

    IronClad Family GPS connects to T-Mobile LTE Network across the United States using our Already Included, pay-as-you-go sim Card. Just activate it, insert and you are on your way to protecting yourself or a loved one!

    Don't want to use our sim? No problem, use your own sim with your existing provider. Our device supports AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and in fact, any provider that connects to an LTE network.

    Travelling international? Our devices work in 150+ countries as long as your sim has the proper coverage plan. And the best part? You're not tied to us, and you can switch sim providers as you need to.

    Check Coverage



    You are required to subscribe to their proprietary cell plans for coverage in addition to the device cost. We don't!

    1. You can activate the SIM we provide for $5/mo. which we tested and found was sufficient for your coverage. You can choose to "pay as you go" or "prepay 3 months, 6 months or 1 year".
    2. Or you can use your own sim if you have family plan discount with your cell provider. You are not tied to us, and you can switch sims, you can switch plans perhaps for international coverage during travel, you have full control.
    3. We have one year warranty; Other have 6 months or similar 1 year.

    We hope this is helpful and that you can take advantage of the IronClad Family Pendant for Seniors to protect your loved ones or yourself with the absolute freedom without getting tied to any specific vendor as things change in the future according to your family needs.


    No, Our watch does not require you pay for a monitoring service; rather have family members take care of their loved one.

    • The IronClad Family GPS TRACKER can be programmed to call up to 3 numbers consecutively if a fall detection is sensed or if SOS button is pressed. If nobody answers, it will turn around and retry all three again. It will also send mobile device push notifications (if you configure it to do so (recommended)). That way we make sure family members are notified. You can initiate a video call instantly or audio call to check on them.
    • Some of our clients set the 3rd number to 911 while the first two were immediate family members.

    Our refresh rate can go down to every 1 second in case your family member is lost. We recommend this mode if you're trying to locate them if they were lost. Others only goes down to every 15 seconds. Our research including client reviews of other products showed users stating it insufficient to wait every 15 seconds when they are in panic mode looking for their loved ones.


    No activation fee with IronClad family. Use the included sim and select the plan you need to provide your cell coverage so you can connect to your GPS tracker anytime. We have no hidden fees. You pay for the tracker, you own it.

    Of course, that does not mean we do not provide support. In fact, we offer same day support to make sure you are happy. You can always reach us at or call our main number +1-786-360-1352 option 2.

    Explain "No Subscription." Do I need a SIM card?

    Every GPS device that communicates with a cell phone requires its own SIM card. Many companies require that you subscribe to their system, and they embed a SIM inside the GPS device that you can't remove. You either subscribe to them or you can't use your device. We allow you to choose your SIM provider and change your SIM if you choose. Regardless of what SIM you use, there will be an additional monthly fee from your SIM provider. If you want to use the SIM we ship with the device, we have partnered with SpeedTalk Mobile to provide the most economical option available at just $5 / month. Your device with ship with this SIM installed, preconfigured, and pre-paid for 30 days so that you can use the device right out of the box. At the end of 30 days, if you want to continue using this SIM, you just update the information on the website and continue the pay-as-you-go payments.

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