No Contract Needed

Some companies charge a monthly subscription for them to monitor their device.  Our devices use your own SIM card allowing you to choose who is alerted if something happened, letting you react faster!  You are in control!

Geo-Fence Alarm

Set a perimeter around any point and be alerted as soon as the device enters or leaves that area. You can set multiple areas as recognized safe areas. Any travel outside of those areas creates an alarm, or you can set a moving boundary around you and get an alarm if your device gets too far away.

Long Battery Life

You don't have to worry about charging these devices every day.  Depending on their use, they can last between 4-7 days on a single charge.  When it is time to charge, you can charge to 100%  in 18-42 minutes. 

Fall Detection for Seniors

  • You may need to locate a parent with dementia, especially if they live alone, without being intrusive and in a way that ensures their privacy is maintained. To ensure their safety, you can set home and other areas as safe zones and then be alerted if they leave those zones.
  • The senior GPS trackers also come with fall detection to alert you in case of an accident, or an alert can be sent manually using a large SOS Emergency button. Holding the SOS button for 3 seconds starts an emergency call with the progammed emergency number.
  • This device also includes Medication reminders to ensure that medication is being taken as prescribed.
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Never Lose Track of Pets Again

Protecting Our Children

  • You can track your child's location so you always know where they are, and act fast if needed.
  • Although a child might have a cell phone, these watches are more convenient, have an SOS button, one click calls, and video and sms chats right from your child's wrist.
  • IronCad Family is especially passionate about the use of these smart watches as an anti-traficking tool to protect the most vulnrable, our children, against this unfortunately growing trend.
  • If you need this GPS watch for your child and cannot afford one, email us at
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Teach Your Kids About Online Safety

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