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High Quality Camera Detection Pendant w/ Motion Sensing Alarm

High Quality Camera Detection Pendant w/ Motion Sensing Alarm

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This infrared scanner is used to detect hidden cameras or to deter from accessing your belongings. An essential piece for travels worldwide! Good for hotel rooms or public bathrooms. You may set the device in scan mode or in alarm mode on doorknobs or on travel suitcase to sense any sudden movements.


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Security Tested and approved by IronClad Family Labs

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This light pendant is an essential piece for travels worldwide! Good for hotel rooms, public bathrooms and any places you need to detect spying equipment or if you fear intruders at hotel rooms or attepted theft of your belongings.


  • Tested and certified by IronClad Family Protections Labs
  • Infrared Hidden Camera Detector - Equipped with infrared scanning detection technology that can quickly locate any spy cameras. There is a hidden camera when the viewfinder shows a red spot.
  • Hidden Device Signal Detector - Our professional radio frequency detector can help detect listening devices for spying, jammers, bug devices by capturing any 2G/3G/4G/5G sim card signal and 1MHz-6.5Ghz wireless signals in an area of 15sqm, alerting you about the exact location of the hidden device through a loud noise.
  • Anti-theft mode - Turn that mode on and hide this device inside luggage or handbag. If moved, it generated a loud noise to create attention.
  • Battery 300mah lithium
  • Time to Full charge < 2 hrs
  • Vibration Alarm Mode(standby) >44hours
  • Loop Alarm Battery Life 4hours




3.38" x 1.5" x .65"

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Product Quality is Top-notch. Shipping is Fast. Customer Service is AMAZING. I Honestly Can’t Recommend Them Enough!

- Amanda M. -

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