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Fireproof Water-Resistant Document Bag

Fireproof Water-Resistant Document Bag

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This IronClad family tested fireproof water-resistant pouch is perfect to protect your most important documents. Getting Fireproof document protection is the most cost-effective way to protect what matters instantly.

Temperature Resistance: Up to 2000F

Size: 15.25" x 11.25"


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Security Tested and approved by IronClad Family Labs

Product Information


IronClad Family fireproof & water-resistant bags are made of 3 layers of high quality fire retardant non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass which stands up against temperatures up to 2000℉.


  • Tested and certified by IronClad Family Protections Labs.
  • 100% Fireproof & Water-Resistant - Upgraded Fireproof zipper and Hook & Loop Closure add storage security and carrying safety. Meantime, the Sealed zippers are totally waterproof which can survive the spray of firefighter's hose on full blast, provides 100% security seal and maximum protection for your documents.
  • Upgraded Double Zippers design and Large Size - Two pockets, two zips for added security and convenience. Let your files be easily classified and stored with our fireproof lock box. Large size of 15”x 11” allows you to better keep and classify your most standard and legal documents files, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security card, license, contract and any other documents, cash, jewelry, letters, precious photos, laptop, USB disk CD deed and other valuables.
  • Durable & Reliable - Our fire safe document bag is the perfect design to travel with and store safely and conveniently. With a hanging trap, fireproof money pouch is super easy to grab and carry no matter at home or on office. Combining a fireproof bag and fireproof safe box together is the best solution to offer your documents and valuables a complete protection in any fire accident.


Silicone coated fiberglass


15.25" x 11.25"

Customer Reviews

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Janis C.

I got sent this pouch when I subscribed to the digital vaults service. What a nice bonus and it has double zippers unlike what I've seen on amazon.

Product Quality is Top-notch. Shipping is Fast. Customer Service is AMAZING. I Honestly Can’t Recommend Them Enough!

- Amanda M. -

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