What is zero level encryption knowledge?

It implies that an individual or organization has little no knowledge or experience in implementing encryption methods to secure sensitive information or communications. For detailed information, kindly visit here.

What is the difference between will and trust?

A will is a legal document that outlines how a person's assets and property should be distributed after their death. It goes through the probate process, is publicly recorded, and becomes effective upon the person's passing.

On the other hand, a trust is a legal arrangement where a person transfers their assets to a trust managed by a trustee. The trustee holds and administers the assets for the benefit of beneficiaries according to the trust's instructions. A trust can be effective during the grantor's lifetime or upon their death, and it can help avoid probate, provide greater control, and offer flexibility in managing assets.

I have subscribed to your plan. What should I do now?
  1. Activate account, set password, and turn on two factor authentication.
  2. Start uploading files based on categories provided: Assets. Debts, Legal, Health, Funeral, Personal Wishes, Recipients & Delegates
  3. Create a vault, you can create as many vaults as needed depending on what content you want delivered, based on what trigger and to which recipients.
  4. Assign files to respective vaults.
  5. Assign recipients to respective vaults
  6. Set-up delivery criteria for vault. (Manual delivery, date-based delivery such as son’s birthday party, death, or incapacitation delivery)

That’s it! You are all set!

How much does it cost to use IronClad Family Protection Vault?

IronClad Family Protection Vault is $99/year. It gives you access to manage all sections of vault and offers you the ability to import all sorts of data.

How can I recover the forgotten password?

To recover the password, kindly click the forgot password button on your app.

We are zero knowledge encryption, so we do not encrypt the login password with a generic key (similar to all SSL based encryptions). We encrypt specific to the user based on one of the recipient's passphrases so when you reset your password after clicking on the email link, you are presented to answer one of the recipients' passphrases to reset the password.

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