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Fireproof Water-Resistant Laptop / Document Bag

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Keep your important documents safe from fire and water with our IronClad family-tested pouch, designed to provide cost-effective and reliable protection up to 2000F.

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Fireproof Laptop Carrier: Our fireproof laptop carrier is the perfect design to travel with or store safely at home. With a hanging trap, it is super easy to grab and carry no matter at home or office.

Tested and Certified: Fireproof Laptop Carrier by IronClad Family Protections Labs.

100% Fireproof & Water-Resistant: IronClad Family fireproof & water-resistant laptop bags are made of 3 layers high quality fire retardant non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass which can withstand temperature up to 2000F.

Upgraded Fireproof Zipper: The Sealed zippers are Water-Resistant which acts as a sealant for maximum protection of your documents.

Large Size With Multiple Compartments: Three storage areas, fireproof zipper for added security and convenience. Let your files be easily classified and stored with our document organizer box.

Large Size:  Large document organizer measuring 3”x 11” x 2.5", suitable for standard and legal documents, cash, jewelry, laptop, USB disk and other valuables.

How it works?

The Fireproof Water-Resistant Laptop / Document Bag works by using fire-resistant materials to insulate and protect its contents from high temperatures, while a water-resistant layer prevents moisture from seeping in and causing damage. The bag is designed to provide double-layered protection, making it a reliable solution for protecting valuable electronics and documents.


Silicone coated fiberglass

Size & Dimensions

13”x 11” x 2.5"

Easy 30 Days Warranty

We have a 30-days return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

What's in the package?

1xFireproof Water-Resistant Laptop / Document Bag

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